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          Duchess D'Orsino - Body found on the master bed in one of the many bedrooms of her stone mansion. Autopsy shows fatty tissue surrounding the left ventricle of the heart. This build up of fat slowly caused her heart to weaken over the years. Official cause of death is heart failure. Dead on Arrival.
          JJ Reilly - This young boy was killed after his drunken father crashed the family car on a windy county road. The father told authorities he was distracted after his son dropped one of his toys and unbuckled his car seat. An oncoming truck forced them off the road, flipping the car. The boy died instantly. Dead on Arrival.
          Sylvana Luchi - Vaginal swabs show traces of fresh semen, indicating she engaged in intercourse shortly before her murder. Multiple bite wounds found around the genitals and left nipple has been bitten off. Dental comparisons found a match, showing there was one one attacker. Dead on Arrival.
           Agnese Stefanelli - Body found with massive blunt force trauma to the head, upper torso and forearms. Injuries to the arms suggest defensive wounds and a struggle before death. The strange patterns of the wounds indicate a large chain was used as the murder weapon. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Officer Piras - Owners of the mansion told authorities this man was fetching water for them and never returned. His mangled corpse was later found under a large vent, mutilated and partially cannibalized. Broken bones and deep bruising around the neck suggest suffocation with a chain. Dead on Arrival.
          Officer Glatstein - Body found in an upstairs bedroom of the mansion. The right side of the face shows massive damage from a bite would. Bite marks were compared to other victims and matched. Small abrasions surrounding the neck and left ear suggest fingernail marks from the struggle. Dead on Arrival.
          Giorgio D'Orsino - Local townspeople were told this man had died at the age of five in 1952. It turns out his mother had kept him locked in a cell his entire life, abusing and torturing him. Autopsy shows his penis was removed many years prior to death along with self-mutilation from sever mental illness. Died from 30 foot fall. Dead on Arrival.
          John Reilly - Death occurred after a fall from approximately 30 feet. X-rays show 16 breaks to the legs, ribs, pelvis and vertebrae. The mans family claim a madman was attacking them but was dragged off the roof after Mr. Reilly grabbed the attackers weapon and jumped. He had recently escaped from police custody. Dead on Arrival.



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