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          4 Yacumo Tribe Members - All of these men were shot and killed after they were found eating a human corpse. Examination of the bodies show automatic gunfire was used to kill them all. One victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the face, rendering him unrecognizable. Bodies were later burned deep in the jungle. 
          Oliveira Catalani - While perusing the Shamitari Tribe Members, this man was pierced by a dart dipped in curare. Curare is a poison primitive people use to hunt and defend themselves with. Once the poison dart pierces the skin, the bloodstream quickly carries it to the heart where death soon follows. Dead on Arrival.
          Yacumo Woman - Raped and murdered during a ritual for committing adultery. The punishment is considered a divine commandment. If her partner would not have killed her, they would have killed him. Vagina has been mutilated from a foreign object and blunt force trauma has been found to the head. Dead on Arrival.
          2 Yanomamo Women - Ambushed and killed by the Shamitari tribe. Witnesses report one of the women was chased up a tree, where the Shamitari smoked her out with a large fire. She was then brought to a clearing where she and a fellow tribe member were raped and killed. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Shamitari Warrior - After being shot by Professor Harold Monroe, the corpse of this young warrior was dragged to the Yanomamo camp and butchered. Soon after, he was consumed by the tribe during a sacred ritual. The bones were used for tools, jewelry and sculptures. No body found.
          Felipe Ocanya - Bitten by a snake while searching for cannibal tribes in "the green inferno". His fellow travelers amputated his leg just below the knee to stop the venom from reaching his heart, but were unsuccessful. His body was later found half-eaten by animals and severely decomposed. Dead on Arrival.
          27 Yacumo Tribe Members - Video evidence shows these men, women and children were rounded up like cattle into a small hut where they were burned alive. Their murderers were setting up their demise for a documentary they were filming. The cruelty seen on the video is some of the worst seen to investigators.  Dead on Arrivals.
          Pregnant Yacumo Woman/Her Child - From the archive footage, "To protect itself, the tribe must eliminate any diseased elements." These murders were conducted while the pregnant woman was tied to a rack and restrained. After the child was born, it was buried in the mud and the mother was bludgeoned to death. Both dead on arrival.
          Captured Yanomamo Woman - One of the most memorable murders on the found documentary footage, this woman was gang raped, severely beaten and impaled on a large wooden spike. The spike entered through the anus and exited through the mouth. She was then displayed like a bizarre art piece. Dead on Arrival.
          4 Yanomamo Warriors - Shot close range with shotguns. Three of the victims were shot in the chest, while the other was shot through the back. Footage shows these warriors were attacking the filmmakers after they had murdered and mutilated the above victim. Bodies were later consumed by the tribe. No bodies found.
          Jack Anders - Killed while trying to fend off his Yanomamo attackers. Recovered footage reveals he was first speared through the heart before being dragged into the jungle and mutilated. His penis was severed and consumed before his corpse was hacked into pieces and consumed. No body found.
          Faye Daniels - Ruthlessly gang raped by the men of the Yanomamo tribe, then beaten to death by the women using firm jungle leaves. After she expired, her head was removed and paraded around the crime scene in celebration. Her body was later roasted and consumed during a ceremony. No body found.
          Mark Tomaso - This man was working the camera when he and his friends were killed. While there is no footage of his actual death, it's suspected he met the same fate as his comrades. Tests on bone fragments found by a Professor Harold Monroe proves this man is dead. Partial remains recovered. 
          Alan Yates - Killed along side the above victim while trying to escape the Yanomamo. Being the most cruel of the group, it's no wonder why this man was murdered and cannibalized. His skull was later found as a piece of artwork hanging in the jungle. It seems the Yanomamo got their revenge. Partial remains recovered.



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