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          Clara Roberts - Massive slash/tearing wounds to the upper and mid-section of body. Initial puncture wounds suggest a large meat hook of some type was the murder weapon. Also found are torn ligaments apparently caused by the struggle with the attacker. Her family has requested their daughter be cremated. Dead on Arrival.
          The Johnson Baby - Circumstances surrounding this infants death are uncertain but it appears this child was killed in the same manner as the above case. Injuries to the ceribral-cortex suggest immediate death. Unfortunately, the mother of this infant later committed suicide due to her grief. Dead on Arrival.
          Anne-Marie's Dog - Head found severed from body. Police tell us a meat cleaver was the weapon used by the attacker. Jagged edges and contusions around the neck indicates a great deal of force was used to sever the head. The suspect didn't seem to have any attack wounds which raises many questions. Dead on Arrival.
          Bernadette Walsh - Injuries found on this woman suggest a curved weapon of some kind was used as the weapon. A broken right rib and head trauma are also apparent. Also discovered is an acute subdural hematoma (SDH) below the inner layer of the dura but external to the brain and arachnoid membrane. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Burk - Extremely large vertical wound up the back. The weapon used was torn from the right kidney, up through the first 3 right ribs then through the 6th and 7th vertebrae. Found bleeding to death in his 3rd story medical office. A blood transplant was conducted but failed to replace the massive amount of blood loss. Dead on Arrival.
          Helen Lyle - Approximately 1,240 honeybee stings have been found to the legs, torso, and neck. First degree burns to the scalp and back are present as well as a crushed right femur. Victim was reportedly suffering from massive delusions and psychosis at time of death. Recently escaped from the local hospital. Dead on Arrival.
          Trevor Lyle - Majority of wounds are concentrated around the stomach region and the genitals. The brutality of the injuries point towards extreme rage from the killer and no usable forensic evidence was found at the scene. The woman who discovered the corpse had  a knife but tests show this was not the murder weapon. Dead on Arrival.



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