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          Joshua Leonard - Footage shows this young man went missing during the fifth night of the hike. A mysterious bundle of sticks, bound in strips of his plaid shirt, was found outside of the tent the next morning. Further inspection revealed a bloody tooth, some herbs and more of his plaid shirt. Still missing and presumed dead.
          Michael Williams - Information gathered from the video evidence suggests this man was somehow hypnotized inside a dilapidated old farmhouse in the Maryland forests. Last image of this victim alive shows him cowering in the basement corner of the farmhouse. Like his friends, he is still missing and presumed dead.
          Heather Donahue - The film which was found buried in the woods suggests this woman was the last to be attacked before the film suddenly ended. Blood-curdling screams from this victim can be heard throughout the last 30 seconds, indicating she was most likely being attacked. No body has been found. Presumed to be dead.



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