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          Emily Phillips - This woman's younger brother, Howie Phillips, told police that an unknown man entered their home and attacked his sister for no reason. Autopsy shows massive fractures to the rear of the skull which caused the brain to be exposed. Markings around the neck suggest a choke-hold. Dead on Arrival.
          Jawless Assailant - The identity of this man is still unknown. It was suspected that drugs were the cause of this morbidly injured man's rampage but blood-tests show nothing out of the ordinary. The cause of this man's death was three 9mm gunshot wounds to the head. The jawbone and surrounding flesh is still missing. Dead on Arrival.
          Moses - This prison inmate died from suffering a massive heart attack a.k.a. myocardial infarction. Many wounds are seen over his back and face which appear to have been caused by a stick or cane of some sort. Three religious tattoos can be seen around the genitals and the upper thighs. Dead on Arrival.
          Laura Olney - Rumors around the prison question how this woman initially died. They report that Warden Brando had been attempting to bed this woman but to no avail. Police are looking in to Warden Brando being the murder suspect. Her corpse was found beheaded in an adjacent room to the prison infirmary. Dead on Arrival.
          Warden Brando - When local S.W.A.T. members raided the rioting prison they found this man, the warden, seated in the prisons electric chair. Although his body was jolted with 200,000 volts of electricity, the initial cause of death was blunt-force trauma to the back of the skull. Penis has also been found missing. Dead on Arrival.
          11 Prison Guards - These unfortunate employees were killed during a riot that raged through their prison. Most of these men were killed from massive internal bleeding due to the beatings they sustained. Sergeant Moncho (pictured) seems to have been attacked by a rodent of some sort. Bite marks to the nose indicate this. Dead on Arrivals.
          7 Inmates - For some unknown reason, these victims sustained some of the worst injuries during the riot. Three of the victims, including the one pictured, were found in the lower levels of the prison morbidly mutilated and propped in macabre poses. Another man seems to have exploded from the inside out. Dead on Arrivals.
          S.W.A.T. Team Member - Attacked while attempting to subdue a prisoner. Witnesses say he was about to place his hand cuffs on when the man lunged forward and savagely bit his neck. The massive wound severed the main jugular vein which caused him to bleed to death. No other injuries can be seen. Dead on Arrival.



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