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          Dr. Gruber - Death still under investigation. Found with Herbert West towering over him with a siring full of an unknown substance. After Dr. Gruber had a violent outburst... his eyes reportedly exploded. This is suspected to have been caused by the unknown substance that was injected. Dead on Arrival.
          Hospital Patient - This middle-aged woman seems to have died from a massive heart attack due to her morbidly obese frame. Electric shocks were administered to help jump-start the heart but all efforts were futile and she died on the operating table. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Ruphus - A roommate of the owner of this can reports that when he arrived home from work he found the cat dead. It seems as though he knocked the garbage over and then got his head stuck in a jar. Suffocation soon followed. Other injuries also apparent raising suspicions about foul play. Dead on Arrival.
          Dean Alan Halsey - Reports show that while trying to enter the morgue he worked at... a re-animated corpse plowed through the morgues steel door crushing him beneath it. A struggle soon followed and the corpse gnawed the ring and pinkie fingers off on his right hand. He was later is re-animated. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Carl Hill - Assaulted and killed by Herbert after trying to hypnotize him into giving him the secrets to re-animating the dead. Gets a shovel to the back of the head then is decapitated. Later Dr. Hill is re-animated. Multiple other injured are present such as a broken left arm, head contusions and other abrasions. Dead on Arrival.
          Megan Halsey - Police reports claim this woman was strangled by a re-animated corpse while trying to flee the hospital morgue. Damage to the neck and throat claimed to damaging and this woman died soon after the injuries were inflicted. Emergency CPR was administered but death occurred anyway. Dead on Arrival.



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