Kirk Hamlet - Extreme head trauma that seems to have been caused by a large object forced in a downward motion. Other injuries include chainsaw-like markings/lacerations to the upper torso and neck. It seems as though the perpetrator was using fillet type of cuts which leads me to believe that cannibalism was the motive. Dead on Arrival.
          Pam Elliot - Evidence shows a large puncture wound through the back and into the internal organs. The ligature marks to the upper side of the wound shows that the victim was hanging for a period of time before death. Crystallization to the blood shows that this person was also cooled or frozen immediately after dead. Dead on Arrival.
          Jerry Shalter - Similar injuries were found on this victims body as was Kirks. Forceful blow caused major brain fractures and hemorrhaging. Left collar bone shattered and body also found mutilated. Clotting of the blood around the wounds show that this man didn't die instantly, but lived for a short time after the injuries occurred. Dead on Arrival.
          Franklin Hardesty - Witnesses report a chainsaw was the weapon used for this murder. Autopsy shows many deep jagged lacerations to the chest and neck, also fragments of stainless steel lodged in the wounds. It's suspected that these fragments are from this young mans wheelchair. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          The Hitchhiker - Trauma sustained by this man is some of the worst I've seen. Sources say this man was ran over by an 18-wheeler at a speed of 35-45 MPH. From upper torso down has been completely crushed due to the extreme weight of the truck. Extreme bleeding from the face also suggests massive head trauma. Dead on Arrival.

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