Dirk Van Garrett - This man was the son of the late Peter Van Garrett and was driving his fathers carriage the night of their deaths. His corpse and the carriage were found about 5 kilometers from where his father was found. Leading us to believe the carriage was traveling at a high rate of speed when the murder occurred. Dead on Arrival.
          Peter Van Garrett - It's suspected that Mr. Van Garrett witnessed the murder of his Carriage Coach before he leapt out the left side door. His headless body was found near a bizarre pumpkin-type scarecrow in a nearby corn field. His missing head is thought to have been taken as a trophy. Dead on Arrival.
          Dead man in river - Details surrounding this man's death are still unknown. Local police report they found Constable Ichabod Crane with the corpse shortly after he discovered it. Constable Crane insisted that the body be preserved for further inspection but the body was burned soon after the discovery. Death listed as drowning. Dead on Arrival.
          Widow Emily Winship and her unborn child - This woman's death didn't come to Constable Ichabod Crane's attention until after Jonathan Masbath had been killed. After an autopsy it was discovered that this woman was with child. A single thrust to the abdomen killed the child before the mother was decapitated. Dead on Arrival.
          The Hessian Horseman - Before his name became legend, this man was a fierce warrior who was famous for cutting off the heads of his enemies. He was finally tracked down by his foes and decapitated with his own sword. This act has led many to believe that he now stalks the populous of Sleepy Hollow searching for revenge. Body never found.
          Jonathan Masbath - Members of the community had placed this man on guard duty the night that he died. It's suspected that he spotted the Horseman and entered the woods to investigate. One this that is certain is that he was found approximately 1/2 kilometer north of his post... headless. Dead on Arrival.
          Magistrate Samuel Philipse - As many others, this man attempted to flee from Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horseman and failed. The only witness was Constable Ichabod Crane who claimed he didn't believe in ghosts or the Hessian. Like the other recent murders, this man's head was never found. Dead on Arrival.
          Mr. Killian - After viewing the crime scene, broken furniture points to this man putting up a good fight against his attacker. It seems that he was writing a letter at the dining room table when the attack began. Like the other cases, the wound to his neck has been cauterized and very little blood was lost. Dead on Arrival.
          Midwife Elizabeth 'Beth' Killian - This midwife's body was found in an adjacent room which contained the only access to the cellar. A rug covering the cellar door seems to have been placed there by this woman after attempting to hide her son. Same injuries as the other victims... no head. Dead on Arrival.
          Thomas Killian - Splinters and scrapes found on this child's body were caused while he was being pulled through the wooden floor from the cellar. The child may have panicked after seeing his parents slain and tipped the murderer off to his location. Head taken without mercy. Still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Brom Van Brunt - This man was well known as being the bully of the town and Katrina Anne Van Tassel's protective fiancee. His death occurred after he attempted to slay the Horseman after the murder of the Killian family. Corpse found severed in half above the waist. This is one of the few victims that kept his head. Dead on Arrival.
          Ichabod's Mother - Constable Ichabod Crane's mother was murdered when he was just a young boy. She was known for secretly practicing witchcraft so her overly-religious husband would not discover her doings. He placed her in a medieval torture device to punish her and it killed her. Hundreds of puncture wounds found. Dead on Arrival.
          Sarah, The Servant Girl - It was suspected that this woman ran from Sleepy Hollow like so many others... until Constable Ichabod Crane noticed something wrong with the "body" of Lady Mary Van Tassel. The knife wound on the hand of her corpse had no blood-flow or healing proving that it was made after death. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Thomas Lancaster - Witnesses report this man was attempting to tell Baltus Van Tassel some important information when the Reverend Steenwyck grabbed a wooden crucifix and struck him over the head. Further autopsy shows his upper cranium has been crushed. Wound matches the murder weapon. Dead on Arrival.
          Reverend Steenwyck - After murdering Dr. Thomas Lancaster, this man was shot by Baltus Van Tassel during the chaos in the local church. The bullet passed through his liver and lodged itself in the spinal cord. Death occurred shortly after the shot was fired. His wig will be buried with him. Dead on Arrival.
          Baltus Van Tassel - People in the church told authorities this man was standing on top of the pulpit when a stake from the outside picket fence jabbed through his chest. He was pulled through the window, across the graveyard, and decapitated. His daughter, Katrina Van Tassel, also witnessed this. Dead on Arrival.
          The Western Woods Crone - This witch lived deep in the western woods where brave men do not travel. She would often be possessed by her spells into violent spats of rage. Lady Mary Van Tassel confessed to killing this woman, her sister, hours before her death. No cauterizing around the neck as seen in other cases. Dead on Arrival.
          Lady Mary Van Tassel - It was discovered that this woman was the cause for all the recent murders. She discovered the Hessian's head which gave her control over him. She killed for revenge and greed. The witnesses say she was dragged into the "tree of the dead" by the Horseman into hell. No body was ever found.

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