Victor Pascow - Students at the local college confirmed that this young track student was hit by a semi-truck while jogging. The local doctor ordered an ambulance but it was too late. The impact severely crushed the left side of the cranium causing the brain to be exposed. Blood-loss and head trauma are listed as cause of death. Dead on Arrival.
          Church - People up and down Highway 15 are fully aware of the trucks that speed up and down that stretch of Maine. So many pets have been killed by the trucks that mourning children created a burial site near the highway they dubbed the "Pet Sematary". This cat met the same fate is the other unfortunate animals. Buried near the cemetery.
          Missy Dandridge - The few people who know this woman reported that she had been suffering from severe stomach pains for approximately 7 years. In her suicide note she claimed she couldn't go on and she apologized. She was found in the basement of her residence, hanging from a wooden gutter. Dead on Arrival.
          Zelda Yost - This poor teenager died after suffering from multiple illnesses through her life. It's safe to say that she was clinically insane when she died from choking on her supper. The parents were not in the house when the incident began which is being investigated by child services. Extremely emaciated. Dead on Arrival.
          Gage Creed - Killed when he ran onto Highway 15 chasing his runaway kite. His family was attempting to stop him while he was running to the highway but were too slow. The 18-wheeler that hit him flipped during it's attempt to stop. Police later found this boys body missing from the local cemetery. Dead on Arrival.
          Timmy Baterman - Killed on his way home from serving in World War 2. His plane apparently had a clog in the fuel line and plummeted to earth, killing all on board. When his body was shipped home and buried, he came back. This man's mother asked some local men to kill him because he had become an "Abomination". Dead on Arrival.
          Bill Baterman - The father of the above victim, he was also caught in the fire that claimed the life of his son. When the local mob came to burn the young man, his father would not leave his only son and died from smoke inhalation. Body was burnt beyond recognition causing some difficulty in separating the two. Dead on Arrival.
          Jud Crandall - Autopsy on this man's corpse found many interesting wounds that could not have initially killed him. DNA had to be taken due to the extreme amount of burns this man sustained. His jawbone has scrape marks that seem to have been caused by teeth. Cannibalism seems to have played a part in this man's death. Dead on Arrival.
          Rachel Creed - Massive mutilation to the left eye caused massive bleeding but a broken neck was the cause of death. The rope used to hang this woman was found in the upper levels of their neighbors burnt home. When her body was found, it was caked with dirt and filth which is still a mystery. Dead on Arrival.
          Louis Creed - Alot about this man's death is still unknown. A 12 inch kitchen knife was found embedded into his back between the 6th and 7th ribs. Some people around the town tell me that this member of the medical field was beginning to show signs of psychosis after his son died. This case will remain open. Dead on Arrival.

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