Jimmy Howell - This young man was found in his residence after a neighbor called the police about a break in. He was found sitting in a recliner with a ice skate jammed into his face. The angle of the blade to where he was sitting indicates he was attacked from behind. No other injuries were found during autopsy. Dead on Arrival.
          Tony Allegre - Found dead in the same house as his friend. (Above victim.) Cause of death was from an unknown sharp object, presumably a knife of some sort. The weapon entered the back and lacerated multiple internal organs causing him to bleed to death. Some abrasions to the face were also found. Dead on Arrival.
          Marion Chambers - It's assumed this woman was alive when police arrived at the residence in question. Her body was found near a shattered window which suggests she was attempting to summon the officers attention shortly before being killed. Neck was severed in a left to right motion. No other injuries. Dead on Arrival.
          Charles Deveraux - Found in the elevator shaft of his private school. The wound that ended his life is strikingly similar to the above victim. The neck was cut in a left to right motion causing his to choke on his own blood. This case will remain open due to the fact the crime was committed on state property. Dead on Arrival.
          Sarah Wainthrope - Multiple injuries were found on this victims corpse. Her right Tibia and Fibula have been snapped just below the knee, five deep stab wounds to the back, electrical burns around the face and ligature marks to the neck. She was found hung with electrical cord in the schools kitchen pantry. Dead on Arrival.
          Will Brennan - This man was well known around the school as a respected professor. His body was found in a back hallway with a large knife wound to the back. Multiple organs damaged during the attack. Blood-tests around the body found blood from the gate security guard who was accidentally shot. Dead on Arrival.
          E.M.T. Worker - This is a confusing case. We originally concluded that this corpse was that of the notorious Michael Myers but it was discovered to be that of an E.M.T. worker that responded to the murders at the school. Somehow Myers switched outfits with the E.M.T. worker and he was later decapitated. Dead on Arrival.

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