Alice - Next door neighbor of Mrs. Elrod... this young woman took a fatal wound to the stomach. Further autopsy shows that the missing butcher knife from Mrs. Elrod's kitchen was weapon used to end this victims life. The upward angle of the wound indicates she was attacked from behind.  No other injuries found. Dead on Arrival.
          Bennett Tramer - This boys friends reported him missing after he wandered away from a party intoxicated. Unfortunately he was wearing a mask similar to that of Michael Myers and was chased into the street where he was hit by a police cruiser. Body burnt beyond recognition. The absence of fillings in his teeth identified him. Dead on Arrival.
          Mr. Garrett (Security Guard) - The pattern of the massive trauma to the skull indicates a hammer was used. Sources report this man went to go check the hospitals storage facility after he suspected a break in. Hammer was taken from the tool cabinet after the place was torn apart. Puncture to the brain killed this man instantly. Dead on Arrival.
          Budd - The reason this man was found naked near the hydrotherapy pool is still a mystery. Abrasions found around the neck shows a chain was used to strangle this victim from behind. No other injuries besides teeth marks to the left index finger. This death is still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Nurse Karen Bailey - This woman's corpse was also found near the hydrotherapy pool. Nurses at the hospital report that the hydrotherapy pool can be heated to a temperature of 400 degrees fahrenheit. The burns this woman sustained to her torso and face are consistent with 400+ degrees. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Frederick Mixter - After a nurse found this doctor dead in his office... it was found that a needle was used to puncture his right eye. The initial shock of having a foreign object lodged in his eye caused severe cardiac arrest. In other words, he was tortured to death. No other injuries found. Dead on Arrival.
          Nurse Janet Marshall - The needle that was jammed into this woman's right temple was tested for and chemicals and none were found. This indicates the killer filled the syringe with air and used it to insert an air bubble into her blood stream. This bubble ruptured a small portion of her brain causing death. Dead on Arrival.
          Head Nurse Mrs. Alves - Witnesses report seeing this woman earlier in the night but how she ended up where she died... is a mystery. Surgical tubing was found placed in an artery in her right arm. This caused her to bleed profusely until death occurred due to loss of blood. Substantial amount of blood found on the floor. Dead on Arrival.
          Nurse Jill Franco - During her autopsy, I found a small 1 inch puncture wound to the middle of her back. Upward stretching indicates that this woman was lifted off her feet due to the killers massive strength. The only witness to this crime confirmed this theory after the local police interviewed her. Dead on Arrival.
          Jimmy Lloyd - Police investigators found this man's bloody shoe impressions through the hospital. DNA tests show the blood was that of head nurse Mrs. Alves. The high impact wound to the back of his head suggests that as he investigated Mrs. Alves body, he slipped in her blood and fractured his skull. Dead on Arrival.
          Deputy Gary Hunt - Police reports from the night of this man's death show he was escorting Dr. Sam Loomis back to Haddonfield. When they arrived at the Haddonfield hospital they were confronted by the killer. This deputy assumed he was dead after being shot and ended up getting his throat slit. Dead on Arrival.