Judith Myers - Sources report that this young woman was preparing for bed when she was attacked from behind by her little brother. Found nearly naked in her room. Multiple stab wounds to the upper chest, abdomen, and left leg. Death caused from massive internal bleeding and blood clotting in the blood stream. Dead on Arrival.
          Phelps Garage Truck Driver - Details surrounding this mans death are still uncertain. The autopsy shows that a sharp blade of some type was used to repeatedly slash the mans chest and neck. Lack of blood clots suggests this man died soon after his injuries were inflicted. Cause of death... blood loss. Dead on Arrival.
          Annie Brackett - Although this woman's body was found posed on a bedset, the injuries she sustained to her neck shows she was killed at another location. Fractures in the neck suggest the perpetrator was strong and determined to kill the victim. Death caused by suffocation and a ruptured airway. Dead on Arrival.
          Ruphus - The corpses of this canine would appear to have died from bloodloss but that is not the case. Exploring the neck region I discovered fractures similar to the above victim but with extra wounds. It seems that whoever killed this dog proceeded to gnaw on the corpse after the killing. Dead on Arrival.
          Bob Simms - After examining the crime photos of this mans death I have come to the conclusion that the force needed to pin this man to the wall with a steak knife was tremendous. The killer had passion behind his actions which leads me to suspect a serial killer is on the loose. No other injuries apparent. Dead on Arrival.
          Lynda Hamel - Interviews with one of the victims suggests that this woman was strangled while on the phone. After comparing the grooves of the phone cord to the impressions in her neck I found a perfect match. Crushed bones in the neck and microscopic scrapes on the inside of the airway seal this case. Death by suffocation. Dead on Arrival.