Unknown number of soldiers from the Army of the West - It was rumored that after the holy war in heaven that Lucifer fell though the crust of the earth into Hell. The area where the worst of the battle occurred was where he fell. Most of the dead were killed instantly during the battle. Others bled to death. Dead on Arrivals.
          James Sforza - This boy's death was caused from being attacked by a pack of wild hienas. He was first attacked near a water well in a cave but was soon dragged away and ripped to pieces. Witnesses say the attack was extremly brutal... a boy standing nearby was not attacked. Still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Mr. Bession - Local tribesmen claim this man went insane after seeing something so horrify that is caused him to snap. He died after being placed in a insane asylum in a nearby village. Corpse found with a swastika carved deep into the chest and a self-inflicted slashed throat. Still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Still Born Fetus - The cause of this death are still knownown. The baby was born dead and covered in adult-sized maggots. The locals claimed the stench from the corpse could be smelt for miles. Some of the tribesmen fear the white people brought disease and death with them when they arrived. Dead on Arrival.
          Jeffries Kanmar - It was assumed, at first, that this man had been killed in the nearby tavern and then removed from the scene. His corpse was soon found hanging inside the church with a large hole though his chest and missing an eye. Majority of the wounds were caused by feeding crown in the area. Dead on Arrival.
          Multiple Jews - These defensless and innocent people were murdered during Hilter's WW2. Witnesses say that a priest was forced to choose who died from a group of local Jews. With the threat of the Nazis killing more children, he began choosing. All the victims were found with a single bullet to the face. Dead on Arrival.
          Turkana Shaman - Shot in the face after the corpse of Jefferies Kanmar was discovered. Major Granville was convinced that the local tribesmen had murdered him because he was from another country. Bullet passed 3/4 way through the brain matter and lodged deep in the head. Died instantly. Dead on Arrival.
          Major Granville - Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The bullet passed through the roof of his mouth and blew out the back of his head. Some theorize he lost his mind after he couldn't handle the stress of the mission he was givin. He was not previously known as being suicidal. Dead on Arrival.
          Father Francis - Most of the information surrounding this man's death are still unknown. His body was found deep in the catacombs of the mysterious church, hanging from the rafters. Trauma can be seen across the upper chest from a large weapon of some kind. This case is still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Unknown number of British Soldiers and Turkana Warriors - Wounds sustained by these men were many. Witnesses report that during the battle it seemed the men were killing eachother as well as the enemy. Almost as if they were possessed. Bullet wounda and spear stabbing were the most common injuries. Dead on Arrival.
          Chuma - Killed during the confusion of the British/Turkana battle. Witnesses report he was exiting the infirmary when a Turkana Warrior ambushed and fatally wounded him. The wound inflicted to the abdomen caused him to slowly bleed to death. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Sarah Scorupco - A priest at the crime scene told authorities this woman had been possessed by a demon and she must have died from effects of the exorcism. The back of her skull somehow lost it's stregnth and burst open. A large amount of her blood supply was spilt, causing her to lose consousness and die. Dead on Arrival.

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