Charles Lee Ray - Killed after being struck by lightning. This notorious killer was being pursued by police when he entered a nearby toy store looking for escape. Meteorologists say there is no explanation for the speed at which the storm formed. Multiple gunshot wounds were also found that match the pursuing officers gun. Dead on Arrival.
          Maggie Peterson - This woman's lifeless body was found by a homeless man passing by a damaged truck. Police suspect she was spooked when she unexpectedly ran into her nephews "Good Guy" doll and fell out the kitchen window. Multiple broken bones and cracked cranium found. Dead on Arrival.
          Eddie Caputo - This victim was well known to police as Charles Lee Ray's accomplice in his bloody rampages. Somehow the gas main in this man's house was turned to high while he slept and the fumes ignited. Body was found 20 yards from the explosion badly burned with multiple compound fractures. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Death - Found dead in his run-down apartment on the upper east-side. Death caused from a single stab wound to the chest. Items around the victim's apartment suggest that he's a witch doctor. For years he's been trying to convince people that death can be cheated by using a voodoo named "Gri Gri." Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Ardmore - Somehow this doctors own shock-therapy head set killed him. How and why the device was placed on his head in the first place is still unknown. The machine was turned to high when police arrived and the majority of his flesh was scorched. Lacerations to the lower legs was also found. Dead on Arrival.
          Chucky - The wounds on this humanized toy are numerous. Multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, right leg, left arm and abdomen. At some point the toy was burned causing the plastic to melt into a disfigured, charred mass. Corpse was found blown to pieces in the upper levels of a downtown apartment building. Dead on Arrival.

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